Does this Hair Shed?

Any hair sheds no matter who the Provider is. Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft will experience Minimum shedding honestly.

Proper Maintenance is Required!!! (the hair will never be noticeable or decrease in density or volume. After every install I do recommend adding 1 bundle at least to keep the hair looking Great. but that is Optional.


How Much Hair do I need?

We suggest 2-4 bundles, depending on head size. 3 bundles will always be the safest way to go.. If you wearing 30 inches or longer 5 bundles and up. The longer the bundle the least hair ANY vendor provides Honestly.


How Much does the Bundles Weigh?

All bundles weigh 3.5-4oz per bundle


Can I Color this Hair?

Yes. But Please Note that Afterward hair needs to have treatment. We Strongly Recommend to be Done by Professional.


What type of Hair Care Products Can Be Used?

Treat the Hair.  As if, It's Your Hair. Good Quality Shampoos and Conditioners . Conditioning Hair would keep hair nice and soft. Please avoid ANY Oils and Heavy Products. Heat Protectants are good, but don't OVERUSE.

Its Better to Keep Products Off Hair if You Plan on Keeping Hair Around Long.


Do I Have to do Anything in the Morning /Night?

In the Morning, Gently Brush the Hair Starting at the Ends, and Work Your Way Up. Holding with Pressure.

At Night, You Must NEVER sleep on Wet Hair. Sleep on Wet Hair causes it to Matte Up. It will be Very Difficult to Comb Out.. Its Best to Tie with Satin Cap/Silk Cap at Night.